Well as I type this, I’ve almost finished building this site. I had a total nightmare yesterday trying to upload a three and a half minute video clip to You tube. It was entirely down to my lousy village broadband which runs at…get this 54k. That’s 2k less than the last incarnation of dial up modems! My god, I like living in Barnham but BT really need to get their shit together! If you think the word “shit” is bad then you shouldn’t be anywhere near me when I boot up this ‘puter. We are so far behind the rest of Europe on this with our ancient neolithic copper wire system. I look at Fred Flintstone with his stone phone and get a little jealous..I guess this might be because we were among the first with telephones? I don’t know but I think we’re due for an update Mr Marshall and your coy looking bird.
Here endeth todays blog.

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