Hello all. Well the other day a venue owner announced a few days before the gig that she needed to see my Pat test certificate (portable appliance test) in order to play at the said gig this weekend. I haven’t had such a cerificate in all my nine years of business as a) i buy new equipment vertually every year making me exempt and b) I look after my gear so well that I haven’t even had a fuse blow in all the time I’ve been a DJ/musician/producer and that’s a long long time!

So I tell her the above initial bit and politely say: If there’s anything else you need to know then don’t hesitate to ask…
She did. She wanted to see all my equipment warranties to prove it was all new. Oh my god! you don’t get warranties on pro-equipment, just receipts and that meant going back through the diary to try and locate and scan them all. A big big job!

So to cut a long story short, I decided that rather than do all that scanning and fuddling, I’d just get the damn stuff tested an certified. I met the pat test guy this morning and a thoroughly nice bloke he was too.  www.parkfieldelectronics.co.uk if you’re interested…

I hopelessly under estimated the total amount of equipment I had that needed testing making it double the price I expected and more, but he was cool and we did a deal which saved me some cash.

So there you are. If you’re wondering whether to book me because your venue’s insurers want minimum responsibility get-out-of-paying-ever clauses written into their contract; fear not! I have big shiny stickers and certificates to show them. Oh, and they’re laminated too so I can’t forge them like certain other deejays do. You know the rules..No names.

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