Well what a week for politics eh? Who could have expected that result? Perhaps this is what we need right now. Libs green and base tax allowance policies and Tories getting the economy back to some degree of respectability, Not to mention releasing BT’s hold on slow copper cable village broadband and putting it out to tender for others to install fibre-optics. That’ll get MY vote.

I was getting my smoke machine fixed in Brighton this week at my favourite repair shop and My man John was telling me that around 25% of mobile dj’s have gone out of business. I look at my competition on Google and it doesn’t seem that way to me. My business must be one of the few that’s expanding. He say’s about six clubs in Brighton have gone too. It was a surprise.

Well I’ve had some good gigs lately around Barnham. I’ve got Saturday off this week so I’m doing a voluntary unpaid gig.
I’ve done all weddings with one large one at the Chamendian Centre in Worthing where I got to try out my 3.2 KW bass bin combination in an actual room and not a sound dead marquee. It still took all the power of the four bins to fill the place but what a sound! Nice. Unfortunately I can’t get a review as the customers aren’t on the interweb.

Well that’s all for this week. I’ll leave you with some Eddie Izzard

Have a great weekend.


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