Social marketing – Yaawn!


Well hello there. I was at home most of the day yesterday and well…I was on my laptop from around midday to 9pm without stopping. I was researching how and what extra tweeks I could apply to get my site a little bit closer to the top of Google, since those are the guys that are getting the most phone calls and at this time of year, one thinks about that quite a bit really. Every year the recession seems to kick in a bit harder and you wonder just a little bit more how much worse it can get.

I began to feel a little bit nostalgic today, thinking about all the hoops I’ve jumped through on the marketing front of late, not least due to all the stuff I read yesterday.

Let’s see now: What does the modern small business need to promote themselves these days?

Hmmm…. There’s a facebook page to maintain. There’s a twitter page to keep going. There’s Google local, Google plus page, Linkedin, Pinterest, and now instagram. Oh and let us not forget; after all that you have your own actual site to maintain, update and keep interesting.

I’m starting to think back to the old days – You know the year 2000 to say 2003, when all you had to do was pay Yellow pages a kings ransom and some geeky arty mate to design your adbox (under your strict supervision of course) and you could rely on your phone to ring all year, thus leaving you to indulge in the thing that you were good at and actually had a passion for: you know – Your business!

I just had a message from facebook today saying that I could do with putting some more up to date content on my facebook DJ page. Ha! How much can you actually say about deejaying to your public? I mean we can witter on (that’s witter not twitter) for hours on forum sites between ourselves, talking shop, but what more is there to say to potential and current customers? Here I am. I’m really good at what I do because I love it and my testimonials confirm this. Well, where does one go from there?

This is why I write about completely irrelevant subjects on my blog. It isn’t just because I’m a rebel and I don’t give a crap for for business blog etiquette. This is of course completely true, but the point being there just isn’t that much to say about deejaying really is there?  But there’s plenty to say about my life like: Should I write to my MP about BT Openreach? When I moved in here at the beginning of January my phone company said I can’t have a phone line until February 21st as there is a Christmas back log with said company. Christmas backlog my arse! One company in charge of line installations in the whole country? Is it any wonder they give you a line when they feel like it? I bet BT customers don’t have to wait that long do they? Oh no. No conflict of interest there is there? That’s what you get when there’s no competition. A bit like Railtrack and look what they’ve achieved since inception. Then there’s the maintainance guy for my flat/house – I can’t decide what to call it – It’s too small for a house, but it’s on two floors and looks like one. Anyway, all this guy has to do is replace a switch on a storage heater and one month and 6 days later he’s still telling me he’s working on getting hold of a suitable one to fit. What? I’ve had stuff delivered from China twice since then. Where’s it coming from?  Jupiter? The outer moons of the Andromeda galaxy? Chipping Sodbury?

Anyway, I digress. If you or anyone you know feels that there is some vital piece of information that you need to know about hiring a mobile dj that isn’t covered on my site, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to pad it out in another blog/facebook post/twitter etc. soon – But of course i won’t just copy and paste it to each site – NOOO. Google will have my nuts on a kabab if I do that!

Take care for now,


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Back for good. And loving it!


Hi all. Haven’t done a blog for a long time now. I’ve been away doing voluntary work. Alas, i missed my life as a DJ and I had to come back. So I’m well and truly back in business. Good news is, my diary is wide open so if you have any doubts about availability I shouldn’t worry.  Already done a couple of gigs and it feels mighty good I can tell you. Just sorting out a place to live right now and it can’t come soon enough. I don’t mind living in a B&B but it get’s a bit costly after a while.

Where I was working I was doing close to 100 hours per week. That sounds like a lot, but it’s actually quite do-able. Only trouble is, you don’t really have a life outside of it and it was that plus deejaying that I missed.

Being back in what we would all call ordinary life is so much more appreciated now I can tell you..

On the upside, I lost over a stone in weight and though I didn’t really consider myself a fatty, for the first time in my life, my stomach is flat! All i have to do is get into my new place and give up eating bread. Kind of difficult to do when you’re living on full english and then whatever you can buy at the garage for the rest of the day…. Last week I played at a hotel as I am tonight and I must have looked weird as i was wearing my old smart clothes which were roughly two sizes too big. Doesn’t inspire great confidence in one’s self looking like a tortoise peering out of it’s shell! Never mind, have smaller trousers now so the “pair of flour sacks/refugee” look has gone.

I’ve noticed that most TV is appauling. Did i mention I haven’t seen any for around 4 months? Some great documentaries of course as always, but reality TV still has all the appeal of a cheese greater on one’s privates. No change there then.

I Was Sleeping in a dormatory for all that time, so it’s great to have a bedroom again. You get used to other peoples snoring (and farting) but never the less it’s good to be able to spread out a bit and breath cleaner air.

Aah well, shoes to polish, food to eat so better get on.

Back soon and have a great Christmas and new year!



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My recent post on “How to be a DJ”

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Warning: This blog is more directed at deejays. It was something I posted today on a DJ Site for learners. If it’s your cup of tea then fine. I’m just saying!

I burned a CD for a customer last night for their wedding ceromony. It was the first CD I’ve burned in 5 years and without anything but Windows media player it was a severe pain in the arse! I thought Itunes was un-user friendly, but that took the cake..

I have been using a Numark D2 and a laptop with OTS AV (super lightweight ultra reliable DJ Software) now for around the last 5 years. It all started when I was looking for one song and it took me the entire length of the gig to find it on the back of another consolidated CDR. That’s what we used to do. When you had too many CD singles to fit into your boxes, you had to get a twin cd player and consolidate them down to one or two CDR’s. Eventually I had too many CDR albums and that plus the former problem drove me to it! I think that being a mobile DJ and not a club DJ makes us more cutting edge in technology terms, for the simple reason that we have to hang on to all our songs and not just have a little box or these days, cd bag of the current stuff.

I decided to bite the bullet one January when work was thinnest on the ground. I had the help part time of my friend Melenie who was a trained typist and just happened to love my PC keyboard at the time. She enjoyed it and when she couldn’t be there I soldiered on through it. I ripped all my CD songs (about 10,000 at the time) using yes..good old windows media player. I have to say it’s a lot easier to rip than create some stupid bloody play list to burn etc. It took us around 5 weeks of all day and night ripping and typing! But boy, was it worth it. Now I don’t have to carry loads of CD’s around and it can all be found in seconds, which is great at a gig. Of course you lose the inspiration of looking through the physical media, but as Pete Tong says, your deejaying always goes down a bit when you change technology. Don’t worry though, It comes back pretty soon in the heat of the night when you have to have that one great track!

I am one of those rare creatures who has to have two seperate systems in case one goes down. It’s more to carry around but it’s saved my arse on a couple of occasions and actually lends itself really well to the nightly environment. When things are not kicking off yet or I want to have a leak or a cigarette, I leave the Ots AV running and mixing by itself on the laptop. When the floor starts to fill, I switch over to the D2 and manually “mix up a storm” as they say.

My advice is, go for it. If you are a club DJ and you have limited space, Go for an apple with Traktor (industry standard) software. If you are a mobile like me, then I can honestly say that I haven’t wanted to change what I have in 5 years. You can’t get the D2 any more, but the mix track pro should be ok. You just may have to commission a larger console as I have, if you want it wired in and ready.

All the best,


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Let’s end that long song list forever!

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Hi. Just  a quicky this week as I’m off to another gig this Sunday afternoon. Just want to say thanks to James and Donna for looking after me last night. Great gig. They set the room up like a night club and I used the uplighters around the room to enhance the pink theme.

I started out by smacking my head on the door frame as I manhandled a bass bin in. I only realised I was bleeding after I went to wipe the sweat from my head. “Things can only get better” I thought. Which was one of Donna’s song choices and went down a storm. (sorry, tedious links are for Dave only) The great thing about the night though is that there was no song list. Only three songs were asked for and one of them got canned due to a change of direction at the request of the host. All that was asked for were certain musical directions at various points in the night ie: start out with swing/big band/rat pack, after the singer guitarist had done his hour go into a motown/soul set, then disco 80’s, then 90’s piano house etc moving up to modern Mr. Saxo beat type funky house and finally some trance/house right at the end (one of which was a special remix by yours truly for Donna). This is so much better than a mile long song list, as you get to choose the classic tracks that sound great and work well on the floor. Any requests on the night just get fitted in with the plan and the BPM so no gaping holes in the dance floor. As I’ve said before. I will do a song list if you want, but having a long list is like having sex with your self. It may be reliable in your eyes, but it’s never as good and there are rarely any nice surprises.

Anyway, Donna and James were over the moon at my set and told me so several times (Donna had to come up and kiss me to say how “amazing” I was – read latest feedback here) and this is the point! Request a few in advance of course if you like, but you’re shooting yourself in the foot (and “locking me in a cage of no creativity”) with a long song list!

Take care, have a great week and feel free to re-post this blog if you’re another DJ or have some related site. (please credit me Mike Stryk: Let’s put that monster (song list) back in it’s cage and go back to the days of real fun on the floor!!!

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Shafted then relief

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Hi there just a quick one this week. I’d just like to say to DR. S. at the St Richards hospital. You are a real a***hole. I played extra time for you and I broke the golden rule. I didn’t ask you for money up front. I wonder what would have happened if I didn’t ask for the main fee upfront? Would you have shafted me over that as well? Probably but we’ll never know. Sometimes I’m too trusting but I’m not a total bloody moron! Interesting subject is money and payment. Right now a mate of mine is trying to get money out of a certain hotel in Brighton for a number of Christmas functions, one of which I did for him myself. This hotel chain is owned by a multi millionare from what I am told and has a pretentious variation on the word “blue” in it’s title/brand name. The payment has been politely asked for, invoiced, politely asked for and subsiquently ignored and ignored and ignored. It’s now at the court stage and they are theatening an order to shut down the business or some such “seemingly out of proportion, but necessary to solve the problem” thing.

Just think how much better this world would be if everyone, business and private actually paid their bills on time! Yes it’s mad, it’s crazy and it seems like a new and radical idea doesn’t it? No not really. Bills are my first priority. If you make extra money. Pay the bills first. Peace of mind is priceless. Carribean holidays are nice if there’s enough left over. If not, you have more time than you think. Make the extra money. Don’t borrow unless it’s an emergency. Debt and late payment are the scurge of the modern age, along with drugs and fake mental disorders – To sell more drugs of course. Anyway, I digress. Tight b*****ds are not exclusively rich. There are poor tight b*****ds and rich tight b*****ds. It’s not a good measuring stick. At least poor tight b*****ds have some justification for holding onto their precious lolly (there’s a word from the past). Rich tight b*****ds or even slightly rich tight b*****d doctors have no justification. If you deliver a great product (which everyone else agreed that I did) then you should have fair exchange for it and if that doesn’t sound fair it’s a good sign of insanity. So there you are Doctor S. You’re not just a tight slightly rich b*****d but you’re a fruit cake too with a genuine mental disorder. I’d just like to finish this bit by saying thank you to the other doctor who promised to sort out payment the next day and then never called. You guys are an inspiration to us all.

In complete contrast I would like to say a big thankyou to Wendy and family with the After eight club for a great comedy relief night on the Friday 18th March where we raised around £500.00 and the crowd were absolutley brilliant. I love it when the crowd get’s into the dancing en-mass. It’s my main statistic of course and try as one might it doesn’t always happen.

See you all next time and have a great week. Don’t forget the clocks go forward this weekend so I feel your pain when it comes to getting up an hour earlier! Take care,


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