Ok, so that’s probably not a great way to put it. I am of course referring to the business. No not the poor unfortunate souls that have gone from our lives since this all began.

It’s been so long since I saw dancing feet!

I have my views on Covid 19, but I will keep them to myself. I may get into hot water if I tell you what I know. This site is not the place for such views.

Despite not having worked since February, I am still here to provide you with top quality entertainment . As soon as you like.

You do not have to wear a mask at a party at this time of writing. Although with certain individuals making it up as they go along, that could actually change. For the love of sanity, let’s hope not!

I’m keen to get going again. are you? I have plenty of bookings on hold.

Perhaps you don’t have an exact date yet? You can reserve a spot on the pile for a refundable deposit.

Anyway, please start calling so I can do some DJing. I very much miss the job, not to mention the income!

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